gayann_profileLower Taxes | Limited Government

I will fight to lower taxes on Idaho families and businesses, reduce property taxes, and cut government spending. I will continue to fight government overreach. One of the first bills I passed required more transparency and accountability in government.

Strengthen Economy | High Paying Jobs

Small businesses are the real engine of our economy. I passed legislation that cut red tape for our Veterans and small businesses to grow good, high-paying jobs. I am being recognized by President Trump as a “Champion for Regulatory Innovation.” Good jobs are created when government gets out of the way.

Reduce Traffic | Manage Growth

As our great state continues to attract new residents, we need effective growth management and investment in our roads to reduce traffic. Your time is valuable and your safety is critical that’s why, as a member of the House Transportation Committee, I have successfully fought for funding to build and improve roads.

Quality Education | Local Control

I want our children and grandchildren to have the education and opportunity they need so they can stay in Idaho to raise their own families. That means quality education. Investments in education need to be focused on results. I will continue to work to expand technology and critical literacy skills in our schools, so every student is prepared for 21st century jobs. Idaho’s greatest resource is our children.

Constitutional Rights

Most importantly, our God-given rights must be guarded. I will vigilantly continue to defend our 2nd Amendment and protect the lives of the unborn.

Vote Gayann DeMordaunt Nov. 3rd!

Endorsed by the NRA, Congressman Fulcher, and Idaho Chooses Life